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NPC - Byzant
Trainer Info:

Name: Byzant Seravantian
Subtitle: League Pariah
Also Known As: Byzant
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 2
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Personality: Byzant can be aggressive, but he isn't mercurial. Approaching him nicely will result in him replying in kind; challenging him to battle will void your insurance coverage with The IPL.
History: Born in the Orange Islands, the eldest of the Seravantian children and the only male. Doting over his sisters Karine, Neria and Anya, he studied martial arts under different masters, eventually developing a fighting style known as Pokémono Kenpo Ryu. Though he kept his aggressiveness in check, he did adopt a much fiercer personality in battle, something he demonstrated upon meeting Kamata when he punched a member of the trainer group Carnival when she challenged him to a battle. Byzant is frighteningly fast and powerful, and believes that both trainer and Pokémon are combatants in a battle. While this is generally looked down upon by most trainers, it isn't against the rules. That said, he has been banned from league competition, stemming from the incident where he won the Indigo League by punching Lance so hard once that he was knocked unconscious. Because of this tendency to fight the trainer, all IPL trainers are advised to avoid encountering him in a battle situation.

Along with Kamata and Cayman, he is one of the co-founders of GT Syn, and contributed a sizeable amount to help found the IPL.

This is the second time Byzant has come to the island, convinced by Cayman to support Kamata's Grand Conference. He still has a low view of IPLers in general, but is willing to take the time to observe Kamata's "peasants" for now.

Pokemon Info:

Name: Aldebaran
Species: Steelix
Ability: Sturdy
Nature/Personality: Byzant's constant travel companion, originally an Onix when he first visited Challenger Island. Aldebaran is, like Byzant, fast and unpredictable, and his full strength has not yet been tapped, as Byzant has usually succeeded in knocking out the opposing trainer before Aldebaran can sustain an attack.

Art by :iconreverseg:.
Made for :iconthe-ipl:
NPC - Cayman
Trainer Info:

Name: Cayman Greenland
Subtitle: ???
Also Known As: Cayman
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 1
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165 lbs
Personality: Cayman is docile and is usually friendly, found smiling smug and trying out things that are new to him. The same smugness continues when he's challenged to battle, although it starts taking on a sinister undertone.
History: Encountered by Kamata at Celadon City, Cayman was his first travel companion throughout Kanto. Originally from Lavender Town, Cayman constantly exhibits an other-worldliness about him, although most concern is diffused by his warm smile. Cayman co-founded GT Syn with Kamata and Byzant, and contributed somewhat to the initial financing of the IPL. While Kamata and Byzant usually bicker, Cayman remains level-headed and calm, and the two rely on him as an arbiter. Though he seldom ventures out of Kanto, he has decided to make an exception in this case, in order to show support for Kamata's Grand Conference, in addition to feeding his curiosity regarding Challenger Island.

Cayman very very rarely battles anyone. Kamata (already a considerably strong trainer) considers Cayman to be the stronger trainer, and on both occassions when they've battled, Kamata has lost without Cayman devoting much effort. Persistence may yield a battle - but will also always yield a loss. Additionally, strange things happen when trainers pass by Cayman, everything from chills down the back of their spine through to a weird and foreboding sense of deja vu.

Pokemon Info:

Name: Haunter
Species: Haunter
Ability: ???
Nature/Personality: Usually known as Cayman's Haunter, by all appearances it looks like a normal Haunter. However, it exhibits traits and properties a normal Haunter would never show - it can be seen taking damage from most things, although it doesn't show weakness to any type. Even damaged, it acts unfazed, and has never been seen fainting. It is also usually sometimes seen being summoned through a Great Ball, although numerous other accounts (see GT Syns Origin Ch 1 P 8) it will appear from nowhere, without warning, and seemingly without instruction from Cayman.

Art by :iconreverseg:.
Made for :iconthe-ipl:
NPC - Celeste
Trainer Info:

Name: Celeste Eugénie Oriene Athenaïs Petronelle Léonore Marie-Sarah Prieur de Vaniville
Subtitle: What subtitle? Her name's too long!
Also Known As: Celeste, for everyone else's sanity. 
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 14
Height: 5'6
Weight: ??
Personality: Besides the laboriously long name, Celeste is also known for being sweet and fairly carefree. She also cares about appearances and tries to dress well.
History: Born in Kalos and raised by aristocratic parents, Celeste shed her parent's dreams for her to become a capable battler and instead focused on breeding. She became renowned at a young age for being an expert Vivillon breeder, travelling throughout the world to hatch her beloved Vivillon. She caught the attention of Ecko and Cayman not long after and was recruited into GT Syn. She was moved into the GT Works program and was sent to the Challenger Archipelago to serve a three-year term as the resident ecologist, to give her as much space to continue her Vivillon breeding. 2017 is her final year in the IPL before she starts roaming the world to assist in GT Syn's research.

If found near Ula Island, which is where she is headquartered, she is usually found either walking the island with her two Vivillon companions, or swimming at the pool near the resort. Otherwise, she will be found in one of the various outlying islands.

Pokemon Info:

Name: Claris
Species: Vivillon (Icy Snow)
Ability: Friend Guard
Nature/Personality: Celeste's travel companion, along with Mel.

Name: Mel
Species: Vivillon (Sandstorm)
Ability: Compound Eyes
Nature/Personality: Celeste's other travel companion, along with Claris.

Name: Collin
Species: Jumpluff
 Leaf Guard
Nature/Personality: Celeste's all-weather travel companion, if the two Vivillon can't handle the weather.

Name: Krita
Species: Liligant
Ability: Own Tempo
Nature/Personality: Krita is one of Celeste's few battle-ready Pokémon. She can hold her won, though she finds battle taxing.

Name: Hector
Species: Aegislash
Ability: Stance Change
Nature/Personality: Hector is the stalwart defender in a battle, and Celeste's shield if she runs into any real-life trouble.

Name: Benny
Species: Galvantula
Ability: Unnerve 
Nature/Personality: Benny is Celeste's heavy hitter. He hardly comes out, but can appear from treetops, especially when Celeste is resting underneath it.

Trainer art by :iconreverseg:.
Pokémon art by :iconyena-kiachi:
Made for :iconthe-ipl:
NPC - Anya
Trainer Info:

Name: Anya Seravatian
Subtitle: Former IPL Admin
Also Known As: Queen of Double Battle, Byzant's youngest sister 
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 1
Height: 5'
Weight: 81 lbs
Personality: Anya, like her brother, can have a short fuse (especially in the tropical weather of Challenger Island), and can be provoked into a battle (although all challengers should beware). In normal conversation she is genial enough, and the time spent with Diantha has made her more diplomatic towards the press. She looks out for Kamata, remembering his relationship with Karine, but doesn't want to impose on him because of his usual introversion.
History: Born in the Orange Islands as the youngest child of four, Anya looked up to her brother and sisters as role models. Before GT Syn, she worked in the local Pokémon day care. When she heard that her brother had co-founded a trainer group with a couple of friends, she packed her things and travelled to meet them. Throughout their adventures, she slowly grew closer to Kamata because of his relationship with Karine. That took a hit when Karine died, but after Kamata came out of mourning and founded The-IPL, Anya eagerly joined, hoping to assist while Kamata hired more admins. After Jo and Tofu became Admins, Anya slowly left the island and its responsibilities and returned to the Orange Islands to return to the daycare. She was back for a brief period during the Grand Tournament, but left after the scandal involving her brother and Angelus. She returned once more a few years later, and revealed that she had travelled to Kalos and become part of Diantha's entourage. Recently, she has elected to stay on Challenger Island and function as Kalos's liaison to the Archipelago.

Anya has a fearsome reputation in battle, and is known throughout elite battle circles as the Queen of Double Battle. Her battle style is unique, involving constant and relentless switching between her lineup. In action it appears as if Anya is juggling all six of the Poké Balls in the air. Her Pokémon might appear on the surface to be mediocre, but most if not all opponents are generally surprised when her team appears to be significantly stronger than the average of its type.

Pokemon Info:

Name: Baleen
Species: Wailord
Ability: Water Veil
Nature/Personality: Also known as Warren (in polite conversation), Baleen is Anya's travelling companion, and is frighteningly fast for a Wailord.

Name: Caress
Species: Blissey
Ability: Natural Cure
Nature/Personality: Although Caress's Natural Cure works best with Anya's two-handed rapid switching, she also carries quite a punch.

Name: Melande
Species: Aggron
Nature/Personality: Melande is surprisingly hard to take down. Like, it's only been fainted once.

Name: Denial
Species: Dusknoir
Ability: Frisk
Nature/Personality: Denial is most often used when the opponent is a heavy item user, and like Baleen, is shockingly fast for a Dusknoir.

Name: Trotano
Species: Tropius
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature/Personality: Trotano is already a faster-than-usual Tropius, but something altogether bizarre happens if you battle it in sunlight: it vanishes from view.

Name: Lassett
Species: Torterra
Ability: Overgrow 
Nature/Personality: Like all of Anya's heavy hitters, it appears slow and sluggish, but moves surprisingly fast and packs a particularly large punch.

Trainer art by :iconreverseg:.
Pokémon art by :iconyena-kiachi:
Made for :iconthe-ipl:
Chp1 pg8
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Chapter 1

It's been how long since Page 7?

Remember, folks - burn out's a bitch.

Hopefully we'll get the last four pages of Chapter 1 out this year. As for Chapter 2 and onwards... who knows?...


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 5:48 PM

Annoyingly, it's taken a year for me to update this journal. Probably because I was a bit too preoccupied by a few things:

  • We got married (:devyenakiachi: and I got married in August)
  • We went on honeymoon (across south east Asia)
  • We started collaborating on a large offshoot project of The-IPL
  • We've been enjoying married life.

Married life is strange. All the stuff being married is supposed to do to you isn't really kicking in, and taking care of my wife really hasn't been any more different than taking care of her when she was my girlfriend. We're still bestest friends to each other, with the added benefit of seeing each other every day. The only real change I've noticed happening is in the language - 'we' is becoming more pervasive as a pronoun, because I'm usually thinking for two.

Having said that, I'm every iota as nuts as I was before being married, and instead of being suppressed, the craziness has more or less amplified. This can only be good. Yena-Kiachi's about as insane as I am, and her cockamamie geekery just gives me the freedom to be as geeky as I can around her (this can also only be good).

The year has ticked over quietly - we've been visiting my mother-in-law's place south of Sydney over the last six months and I've used the peace and quiet to brainstorm and plan ahead for the year. Spending the Easter long weekend out in the country, being able to pray in quiet contemplation and move ahead.

So, a year after the last journal, things are still on the up and up. I've taken the perspective of trying to savour the wonder in everything, even the hard things.

Onward we go.

(I used 'we' again. Dangit.)


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Reads books. Uses words.


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