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IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 05 by reverseg
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 05
Still going! Fifth batch now - all these are OCs unless otherwise noted.

Ongoing project for :iconthe-ipl:.

025 - Carl Paiva (BrazillianCara)
026 - Nemo [Natalie Hartland] (TealXUltimate)
027 - Lenina Walker (static-mcawesome)
028 - G.M. [Guile Meister] Xignel (leviathanofuda)
029 - Anthony (SketchPanic)
030 - Melanie Aurora Knight (TheMortonator)


Besides the tall people, oh my gosh Nemo's hair! Xignel's vesticoat (technical term)! Melanie's... lack of eyes in her trainer card?...
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 04 by reverseg
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 04
Still going! Fourth batch - all these are OCs unless otherwise noted.

Ongoing project for :iconthe-ipl:.

019 - Ajay Lenning (Sarokophoenix)
020 - Teagan Trey (Frey-ofthe-Arcane)
021 - Allison (OoSunnyBunnyoO)
022 - Dillian Seijitsu (ZippyFerret)
023 - Renae Clarke (LupusSilvae)
024 - Eisha Shanna (Ryua)


This is the first time I've realised that Dill is just over a foot shorter than Eisha. We should hire Eisha for island security...
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 03 by reverseg
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 03
Still going! Third batch - all these are OCs unless otherwise noted.

Ongoing project for :iconthe-ipl:.

013 - Andrea Avi (TrainerAndrea)
014 - Prue Eveque (galacticpink)
015 - Isaac Cho (lostmyth)
016 - Sonja Tessano (Hardtwon)
017 - Cobalt Starfire (Lorenith)
018 - Alberto Villalba (MissionSunshine)


2015/10/05 - Changed Cobalt's skin tone and hair colour to be closer to the character model.
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 02 by reverseg
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 02
Still going! Second batch - all these are OCs unless otherwise noted.

Ongoing project for :iconthe-ipl:.

007 - Kya Bauer (Chari-Artist)
008 - Jenny 'TSteel' (TSteelia)
009 - Faylene Moxxie (FayeleneFyre)
010 - Rolan Ashford (Protodramon)
011 - Sunny Dellard (multiGIRL)
012 - Lem Faulkner (Dekkii)

2015/10/04 - Changed Faylene's design to better match her current appearance. Adjusted Lem's height so he's not towering over Rolan. Added background to keep consistent with the series.
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 01 by reverseg
IPLCast Sprites - Lineup 01
I'm redoing the little host graphics, etc. for IPLCast (which you can watch, by the way, at and since I'm having such fun actually doing these I'm just going to start designing what I can and stop when I feel like stopping. But each one of these folks is an actual deviant - this lineup in particular happens to be the general host roster for IPLCast.

001 - Gino (reverseg)
002 - Megan (Yena-Kiachi)
003 - Rob (MrAthens)
004 - Rea (TheUnawareThing)
005 - Katie (JiaYueHoneyJade)
006 - Lunyck (Lunyck)


2015/10/04 - Apparently my original face looked too 'seedy', so I've changed it to express mild disappointment instead.
2015/10/05 - Fixed Gino, Rea and Lunyck so the skintones were less orange and mildly more brown.


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 5:48 PM

Annoyingly, it's taken a year for me to update this journal. Probably because I was a bit too preoccupied by a few things:

  • We got married (:devyenakiachi: and I got married in August)
  • We went on honeymoon (across south east Asia)
  • We started collaborating on a large offshoot project of The-IPL
  • We've been enjoying married life.

Married life is strange. All the stuff being married is supposed to do to you isn't really kicking in, and taking care of my wife really hasn't been any more different than taking care of her when she was my girlfriend. We're still bestest friends to each other, with the added benefit of seeing each other every day. The only real change I've noticed happening is in the language - 'we' is becoming more pervasive as a pronoun, because I'm usually thinking for two.

Having said that, I'm every iota as nuts as I was before being married, and instead of being suppressed, the craziness has more or less amplified. This can only be good. Yena-Kiachi's about as insane as I am, and her cockamamie geekery just gives me the freedom to be as geeky as I can around her (this can also only be good).

The year has ticked over quietly - we've been visiting my mother-in-law's place south of Sydney over the last six months and I've used the peace and quiet to brainstorm and plan ahead for the year. Spending the Easter long weekend out in the country, being able to pray in quiet contemplation and move ahead.

So, a year after the last journal, things are still on the up and up. I've taken the perspective of trying to savour the wonder in everything, even the hard things.

Onward we go.

(I used 'we' again. Dangit.)


Gino Rodrigo
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
Professional Graphic Designer. Thinking Christian. Photographer. Illustrator. NCC Operations Lead.

Reads books. Uses words.

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